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Let's meet the inspiring woman behind May June Creative! She's the queen of  helping businesses looking to grow their social media! Here's the story that made us inspired!
In 2021, she made over $100K on Instagram. That's OVER $100K all on her own! It started in October 2019 when she had one client who paid her $120 per week. She had no real prior experience, and was dedicated to posting content to her business page. A few months later she was up to 3 clients. In a matter of weeks once the pandemic hit, she got her client number up to 7! Her workload got crazy and she had no help, so she knew she needed to increase her prices - then she lost all her clients at once! She was devastated and wanted to quit. She began to rebrand and invest into learning more through classes, podcasts, and continued to create content. She knew her worth, so she turned down tons of clients who wanted to pay less. Eventually she started landing the ideal clients, and she's still learning and evolving everyday. 
Before starting her business, she worked with many talented interior designers across the UK and Australia. One of her roles was also managing social media accounts, and when she lost her job at the start of covid, she knew she had enough knowledge about the industry to go out on her own. In the early days, she relied mostly on word of mouth and was lucky to have an incredible group of clients who stuck with her. Fast forward today, and she is one of the leading content creators and social media experts for interior designers, architects, stylists, and other creative brands.
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How have you turned your career into a successful business?

"Persistence. Running a small business is exhilarating and terrifying all at once but if you can keep pushing past the fear then I usually find there's something good on the other side. Changing my mindset, developing resilience and surrounding myself with incredible clients and business buddies has been valuable. I'm also super conscious of my own self care practices! Running yourself into the ground isn't useful for anyone so it's important to make sure your health and well-being comes above any amount of money or success."

What's the hardest thing about your job? Most rewarding?

"The hardest part is the uncertainty. My business is constantly changing and it can be an unsettling place to be 24/7. Like most business owners, I'm the kind of personality who is always looking for ways to improve, systems to implement and little tweaks I can make to be 1% better but this can be VERY exhausting if you don't make time to switch off and step away.

The most rewarding part of my job is absolutely my clients! We have such a fun time working together and it's so satisfying to report their results each month and see how happy they are."


How do you balance personal and work life working freelance?

"Historically I've been pretty awful at this. I'm an introvert so building a business from the comfort of my own home is a dream job for me and I've never felt the need to have a huge social circle of friends. But this is something I'm working on changing and am learning that I can be as vulnerable in real life as I am on social media!" 

What advice do you have for people entering the social media field or starting their own business?

"My advice is to never stop learning. Be willing to listen and accept that you don't (and will never) know everything. As long as you have a thirst for knowledge and understand that success takes time, you'll eventually get to where you want to be.” 

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